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Billy Mackey

Billy was born in Chicago, IL on March 23rd, 1986. Currently, he is a Junior at Lewis, majoring in Aviation Flight Management. Billy just transferred to Lewis after attending Purdue University for two years, taking classes in Engineering. In his free time, Billy likes to do anything and everything including work out, play sports, hang out with friends, take a long walk on a beach, or simply just relax and watch a movie. His favorite sports team is the Chicago Bears. Upon graduating, Billy plans to become a flight instructor until he can build enough flight hours to become a commercial pilot.

Shaun Campbell - Treasurer / Scholastic Chair

Shaun was born on December 28th, 1895, and is a first year student at Lewis University after transferring from McHenry County College. He is majoring in Aviation Flight. He was originally from the South side of Chicago but is currently living in Crystal Lake. In his free time, Shaun loves to do anything that involves sports, girls, and video games. After college, he plans to either be a commercial pilot or fly for the armed forces.



Zac Dawkins ~Vice President / AME

Zac was born in Urbana Illinois, and grew up in the town of Monticello in the heartland of the Midwest. He is a fourth year student at Lewis University, majoring in Music Merchandising with minors in Music Technology and Philosophy. He's the president of the social justice organization at Lewis University called Stand and is an active member of the Student Governing Board as the Service Chair holder.  In his free time he likes to have a good time with his brothers and pursue his musical projects with a focus on guitar. Upon graduating he hopes to pursue a career in music, whether it be in performance, marketing, teaching or merchandising.


Mark Colman - Alumni Chair  

Mark was born on August 4th, 1989 and resides in Orland Hills, IL.  He is a second year student at Lewis University and is currently working on majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in business law.  He is currently a member of Big Brothers Big Sisters, and STAND.  In his free time, he likes to just hangout with friends, volunteer, or just relax.  Upon graduating from Lewis Mark want to work as a probation officer or a juvenile justice officer.  Eventually work for the federal government with fraud and laundering money.


Chris Jedrol - Knowledge AME

Chris was born on June 16th 1988, in Bialy Dunajec; Poland. Grew up in the mountains,
and loved performing the Polish Traditional Highlanders Dance. He came to USA on
June 30th 2001, and currently lives in Romeoville IL. He graduated Curie HS in 2006
along with Polish HS Ks. Pralata Cholewinskiego. Currently he is a junior, with a Aviation Administration major with a minor in Flight.  He loves bike rides, roller lading, reading books, listening to music, driving, flying, and hanging out with friends.


Joe O'Brien - President / Recruitment Chair / IFC Rep.

Joe was born on July 4 1990. He is currently a second year at Lewis majoring in history with
a minor in secondary education. His goal after graduating is to become a high school
history teacher.  He love to hang with friends, go out to eat, play the drums and the guitar, listen to music and martial arts.

Josh Haluska - Sergeant of Arms

Josh currently lives in Chicago, IL right by midway airport.  He went to grade school at St Symphorosa up to second grade and then from there until he graduated grade school he attended  White Pines academy. He graduated high school from Marist High School.  As of right now he is a second year student at Lewis University, majoring in Aviation flight. Once he graduates Lewis University he hopes to be a pilot for an international airlines and fly all over the world.


Steve Marciszewski - Secretary


Steve was born June 22 1989. He is currently a second year student at Lewis University and is
majoring in Aviation administrations with a minor in business. He is a big Green Bay Packer fan and a Chicago White Sox fan. He enjoys playing all types of sports, and hanging out with family and friends.



Kevin Veatch - Social Chair

Kevin was born in Illinois on March 28th, 1990.  He is a second year student at Lewis University and the Social Chair for Phi Kappa Theta. Kevin is majoring in Marketing and minoring in Sports management.  Some other organizations he is involved in are Big Brothers Big Sisters, Student Business Advisory Board and Inter Fratority Council.  He is a huge sports fan whose favorite teams are the Chicago White Sox, University of Illinois basketball and baseball teams, the Bears and the Bulls.  His favorite activities are intramural sports, hanging with friends, going to movies and playing Madden. Upon Graduation, Kevin wishes to work in the Sports Business as a marketer.



Chris Selefski - Philanthropy

Chris was born on May 20th, 1990 and grew up right near Midway Airport.  Currently, he is a second year student.  He graduated from Plainfield South High School in 2008.  He is an "all around" kind of guy who is very outgoing.  He currently likes to act, sing and write his own lyrics.  He is a huge sports fan and enjoys watching and playing a number of different sports.  He hopes to one day live in New York City as either an actor or singer.  


Kenny Boles - Philanthropy
Kenny was born on
January 13th, 1981. He is a transfer student from Joliet Junior College. He is currently a Senior here at Lewis University majoring in Aviation Flight Management. He enjoys sports, video games, hanging out with his two dogs Rocky and Rosie, and playing the guitar. Upon graduation, he plans on becoming a commercial pilot.