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Consider these facts about the effects of fraternity experience as part of your university education:

  • Greeks excel in Scholarship. Greeks consistently achieve higher scholarship ratings than the all campus average.

  • A United States Department of Education document states that joining a fraternity is one of the best buys in a college education.

  • Greeks have a 10% higher rate of graduation than do non-Greeks. Greek Membership is affordable.

  • Room and board is comparable, sometimes even lower than college or university charges.


Greeks Achieve.

  • 70% of those listed in "Who's Who in America" are Greek.

  • 85% of the upper-level executives in the "Fortune 500 Companies" are Greek.

  • 43 CEOs of the top 50 U.S.companies are Greek.


Greeks Lead.

  • 75% of the members of the U.S. Congress are Greek.

  • 85% of the U.S. Supreme Court Justices this century are/were Greek.

  • 100 of 158 of those who have served on the Presidents Cabinet this century are/were Greek.

  • All but 3 of the U.S. Presidents since 1825 have been Greek.


Greeks Give.

  • As Alumni, Greeks give approximately 75% of all money donated to universities.

  • As undergraduates, Greeks raise approximately $7 million per year for charities.

  • As undergraduates, Greeks give approximately 850,000 volunteer hours per year.